Ignasi Bosch

Let my steps go on

I hear your breath,
I feel your heat,
you follow my shadow.
So close to me,
these eyes I see are full of sorrow.

If I try to change
tired of this crazy maze
waiting for a better deal.
I escape from my mind
running to another place faster than I can

I seek solutions
dreams and illusions
don't want submission
Let my steps go on

False preacher,
I don't believe in you
You are not a teacher
and no one trusts in you

Forget my face,
Forget my name
and disappear
'Cause nothing else you can do will save the human race

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Bajo: Ricard Vives
Batería: Àngel Abad
Voz: Roger Almany
Tablas y percusión: Aniol Casadevall
Saxo alto y tenor: Adrià Bauzó
Saxo alto: Albert Comaleras

Trompeta: Jordi Fontanillas
Saxo tenor:Adrià Bauzó
Trombón: Aram Montagud

Ingeniero de sonido : David Fernàndez
Gravado y mezclado en TribalArt
Materizado en Unix-Studio

Diseño : Fidel Vázquez  & Mariona Maresma

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