Ignasi Bosch

Who knows

The beauty of a tear, like he wrote.
The beauty of a fear, like he knows.
Why did I have to lose him? No answers... who knows.

The sadness of a smile when he leaves,
the sadness of not giving what he needs... to lose him.

Two hands falling downwards,
too late to save you in my arms.
To know if I ever saw you suffer...no longer for me.

The endlessness of words that we said,
the endlessness of love that we gave.
Where are all these things now? No answers... who knows.

I just wanna live in a lie
maybe I can do it if I try... but I don't think so.

My eyes are looking for a chance,
my heart is looking for a place
to know if it can ever be the same... no longer for me.

I don't know when you decided to go.
To know you, to love you, to lose you... I don't know how yet.
And I don't know where you are now.

voz: Helena Masó

Little secrets in a tree...: