Ignasi Bosch

Wrong life

I've always known the path you've walked.
I always did too much to be you love.
You never saw the things that I did,
our lives crossed but not so close.

Day by day looking for your signs,
broken chains all around the wolrd.
No more knots, I'm tired of being here
and I just want to bury my head in the ground.

Now I'm alone heartbroken longing to feel better.
So sad... so long... life is sometimes wrong.

Trying every word to get close to you,
time after time you were so far away.
Time drags us down two different paths,
year after year it seems nothing will be.

I just want to move back in time
when you and I were two grains in the sand.
Alone an lost in the beach of life,
across the days without any worries.

Life's shown me that sometimes you have to wait
and other times to run to take that one way train.

voz: Helena Masó

Little secrets in a tree...: