Ignasi Bosch

Learning to forget

In my head, in my heart I still remember
no details I think it was november.
We started to stop the wheel,
we started to change our will.

To forget the mistakes we created blindness.
To protect, to try to close our wounds of silence
you used to say to me
never again will it be.

We learned so hard the way that life can be,
we learned so fast it wasn't the time for us.
In the end it's all that we still have,
we're learning to forget.

Behind the past lives on, behind the sadness stays.
I hope to turn apart this page of darkness.
This is what I repeat to myself...
Maybe it will be real one day...

I just want to learn this lesson,
for the moment I am a only a lazy novice
who wants to pass the test,
so I can breathe again.

voz: Helena Masó

Little secrets in a tree...: