Ignasi Bosch

Why not

Somebody asked me: "why won't be my friend?",
nothing to say, just: "I want to be your girl, nothing else".
Somebody touched me, what was I supposed to do?
Something like sweetness I never felt so full, it was cool.

At last in my life I've changed points of views,
something hard to see and yes I feel it between you and me.

'Cause love is a game of craziness,
won't you come and play, what do you say?
I'll let you win, why not, it could be real.

Sometimes I've been lost, sometimes I've been fine.
I'm always doubtful but I don't know why.
Sometimes I remember all I have to lose,
all these fears end when I'm here with you, and it's true.

voz: Helena Masó

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